Here you will find a first-hand account of my journey with God, through these many colored days, to find my passion and purpose.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What Is It?

It is a risk, a taken chance,
A blind gesture,
An offering to place a tiny part of yourself
Into someone else’s hands.
It is a plea, a roller coaster ride.
It is an answer.
It is a disappointment, or a verification of happiness.
It is impossible, or second-nature.
It is a weighing of the odds, a 50/50 chance.
It is terrifying, paralyzing, or sometimes an afterthought.
It is diverse.
It is life-altering, or it is forgotten.
It is an obligation, or it is a leap of faith.
It is expected, or it is disgusting.
It is courageous, an act of bravery.
It is thoughtful, a meticulous decision.
It is hand-picked, or it is standard.
It is the epitome of reckless abandon.

It is a friend request.

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